Tactical Urbanism

A post report by Ethel Baraona and Paco González, directors of Tactical Urbanism workshop.

The work we have done for the process of networking in the Tactical Urbanism workshop was as facilitators. That means we had designed an initial approach to an existent frame. We choose a very few rules to make the process understandable to all the participants and then we liberate the process. At this step, we had to step back, so participants can go on without being influenced by our previous thinking.
At the beginning this network process may had be seen as a blurred cloud of independent drops of ideas. At the end, the cloud evolves with the internal and external dynamics of the whole environment. Usually the drops of all these ideas fall down as if we were in the middle of a storm. We think the cases of study researched by the participants and their proposals will become the rain that may help to grown up better actions for the Dreamhamar process and the Stortorget Square in Hamar.

From DPR Barcelona.

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